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CT Cloud - Metaswitch HPBX: Adding a Number (Number Block)


Provide clear direction on how to add a number (Number Block) in Metaswitch PBX



Step 1: In Metaswitch browse to the Business Group of the customer you are needing to add a DID for.

Step 2: Click on the tab at top that says "Number Blocks" (Will be the 2nd tab at the top) 

Step 3: Click button in Bottom Right that says clipboard_e3a065e8099ec99688887bb48c5580085.png

Step 4: Fill out "Block Size" as 1, and under first phone number put the DID you are wanting to add to the Business group. Those will be the only two required fields. 


Step 5: Click clipboard_e30eb012f2963df11ecbc219ea2af0606.png and Close