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CT Cloud Voice User - Voicemail Guide


This guide covers the use of the CT Cloud Voice voicemail system. This guide does not apply if you are using voicemail-to-email or voicemail transcription. 

Voicemail Operation

The voicemail system is menu-driven, so just listen to the prompts and then press the key on your phone to select the option you want.  
The first time you access your voicemail box, you will be asked to set it up and to record a greeting for your callers. Then, when you have messages waiting, you will see a solid red light on your phone. 

Accessing Voicemail

 From your CallTower phone:

  1. Press the Messages button or dial *98.
  2. Enter your password  
  3. Listen to your messages. 

From another phone:

  1. Dial 312-789-5521
  2. Enter your 10-digit CallTower phone number
  3. Enter your password followed by #
  4. Listen to your messages. 

Voicemail Main Menu  

Action Dialpad Key
Play messages in the voicemail box 1
Send messages 2
Work with greetings 3
Voicemail box settings 4
Access deleted messages 5
Log in as a different user 7
Help 0
Exit the voicemail system *

Message Playback Options 

Action Before Message During Message After Message
Skip Message 9 n/a n/a
Reply to message 4 4 4
Delete message 3 3 3
Mark the message as new 2 2 2
Send a copy 5 5 5
Repeat message 1 1 1
Pause/resume 8 8 8
Return to menu * * *
Go to next message # # #

Forwarding Voicemail Messages

You may send a copy of a voicemail message while listening to the message.

  1. Press 6 
  2. Enter the extension number or the Distribution Group Number. Repeat this step for each of the destinations to which you wish to forward the message.
  3. Press # after entering the destinations
  4. You will then be promoted to record an introduction. After the tone, record the introduction and then press #
  5. Press # to send 6. Press 1 for deliver options: 
Action Before Message
Review the introduction message 1
Mark message as urgent 2
Mark message as private 3
Re-record your introduction  4
Request a delivery report 5
Request a "read" report 6
Add/remove recipients 7
Schedule the message for future delivery 9

Send the message as is

Exit or cancel *

 Dialing the Originator of the Voicemail

  • While listening to a message, you can call the person back by pressing 4 and selecting option 1.
  • Note that this will not work if the phone system is not able to find the Caller ID or if your phone is configured with call restrictions that prevent you from calling the originator’s phone number. 

Changing your PIN (Voicemail Password)

  1. Access your voicemail box
  2. From the main menu, press 4 to change your settings
  3. Press 3 for security options
  4. Press 1 to change your PIN. 

Recording a Greeting

  1. Access your voicemail box
  2. From the main menu, press 3
  3. To set up a personal greeting, press 1. If you don’t record a personal greeting, a system greeting will be played.
  4. To set up a system greeting or to change the recording of your name, press 3
  5. To change the greeting callers hear when you’re busy, press 5. 

System Limitations

  • Maximum voicemail messages: 100
  • Maximum voicemail message length: 3 minutes
  • Maximum greeting length: 1 minute
  • Inbox read/unread expiry (auto-purge): 30 days
  • Trash read/unread expiry (auto-purge): 14 days