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Assigning Fixed Assets

This article will walk you through how to assign assets for cases and demos.

Assign an Asset

You can pull up a fixed asset in sales force 2 ways:

  1. By typing in the MAC/SN of the equipment in the search bar
  2. By scanning a CallTower QR label located on the phone in the web address bar.

Upon selecting the equipment you need, the top of the asset page will look like this.

Select Assign an Asset and enter the date, account location, and tracking number (this will be a case number). In such cases where it is necessary, notes can be added in the notes field.


Assigning Demo Inventory

Assigning demo inventory to a case is different than assigning anything else. When assigning the equipment you need to pull up the asset and:

  1. Assign to the Sales Rep
  2. Loan to the company

This is done by selecting Assign an Asset and changing the Assigned Type to User. The Sales rep name is entered in place of the location. After this is assigned to the sales rep and back on the asset page, just to the right of Assign an Asset is Loan an Asset. Select this to loan the asset. Enter today's date for both date locations and assign as normal.