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OnDemand - Recording Skype Enabled Audio Account


When using a Skype Enabled Account recordings should always be initiated through Skype for Business. Skype enabled accounts are not designed for "stand-alone" conferences and have therefor been designed to work in conjunction with Skype for Business recording. Recordings on any type of conference call are regulated. When recording on a conference it is legally required that there be an announcement notifying all participants that the call is being recording. This announcement has been removed from the Skype enabled accounts/bridges as recordings and recording announcements are handles by Skype in this case. If there is a need to record and the client does not want to use Skype for Business for their recording a "stand-alone" On Demand account for recording purposes may be created. *22 has been disabled on all Skype enabled On Demand accounts and will not work.


void print(String message)


Type: String
Message to print.


Upon successful invocation, this feature returns ...


Exception Condition
ArgumentNullException message is null.


Additional points to consider are ...


Example 1:

First example shows ...

Example 2:

Second example shows ...


Give some considerations such as system requirements or "gotchas" for this setting or control or programming syntax.

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