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OnDemand - Deleting a User

On Demand - Deleting a User

This article is specific to PGI On Demand (GloablMeet Audio).

Once logged into with your admin log-in, follow the steps below.
On the Administration menu, select Client Management and Search For A Client

Search for a Client.jpg

Look for the customer either by First and Last Name, by Email, or by Client #.

Client Managemaent.jpg

Once the customer is found, click on the red circle with the x.

Delete User.jpg

A prompt will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the account.

Choose Yes or No.

When you click yes another prompt will appear asking for the reason you deleted the account. Enter in whatever you are needing to say.

Once the account has been deleted, send an email to informing them the first and last name of the user you removed.

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