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OnDemand - Using International Toll Free And Local Numbers

On Demand- Using International Toll Free and Local Numbers

Hosts (moderators) are provided with a list of cities and countries to send to their international guests to join a meeting. When a city is listed, a local access or toll number is available. Guests can use these to dial in from anywhere; however, International Long Distance fees may apply. While the country code, city and local number are listed, only the city and local number are dialed from within the country.

Note: For guests using International Toll-Free Service (ITF or ITFS, also known as Freephone) locations, these can only be dialed from within that country. In some cases, certain limitations, such as cell phones not being able to access these numbers, may apply. In many cases where cell phones are limited, a local access number also is available. If a host is inviting international guests to join the meeting, it is recommended that the entire list of dial-in numbers be provided. Most guests will know how to dial numbers within their country or region, as well as their lowest cost dialing option.

If a host or guest is traveling from the United States and using a mobile phone, understanding how to dial from the mobile carrier and the International Roaming fees that may apply are important. In addition, they should dial the numbers as listed, starting with ITFS or local access for that country. If neither local access nor ITFS is available for a location, any other local access number including the US toll or local number can be dialed. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to know individual telecom agreements and to identify the lowest cost dialing option. We recommend that attendees check with their local telecom providers before connecting to meetings internationally.



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