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InformaCast - Implementation



  • Send a case Logistics.  The PO needs to be sent to and indicate any CallTower representatives, the PM,  or alias’ that should be included on customer’s fulfillment. Please include the the quote from Singlewire. All orders are fulfilled electronically through email.
  • POs to Singlewire are based on yearly subscription.
  • Submit Discovery document from Sales
  • Singlewire provisions the account and sends email fulfillment to customer and CallTower
  • Customer creates account in the Singlewire Support Community
  • Singlewire Customer Success Manager emails discovery questionnaire to Fusion Admins and CallTower contact
  • Services engagement begins with joint kick-off call
  • Singlewire provides scoping and project plan
  • Create a SIP trunk in CallTower Connect.  Follow this document

Note: If a CallTower employee needs to be set-up in the customer’s instance as an administrator, it must be confirmed by the customer in writing. This is as simple as an email stating the following: As a representative of {Customer Name}, I authorize Singlewire Software to create {Call Tower Employee Name} as an administrator in our Fusion account.






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