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CT Cloud Fax - Receiving and Sending Faxes


This article will outline the CT Cloud Fax account types, as well as how to send and receive faxes with the service.

CT Cloud Fax Account Types

CT Cloud Fax (Inbound): Inbound faxing only

CT Cloud Fax (Outbound): Outbound faxing only

CT Cloud Fax Complete: Inbound and outbound faxing

Receiving faxes

To receive a fax, simply fax the 10 digit number associated with your CT Cloud Fax user, just like traditional faxing. If the fax was processed successfully, it should be delivered to the associated email address on the CT Cloud Fax user.

Sending faxes

To send a fax,

  1. Open your email client
  2. Compose a new email
  3. Confirm the "From" email address matches what has been configured for your CT Cloud Fax user
  4. The "To" field will be formatted 'fax number', e.g.
  5. The content you need to fax can be put in the body of the email, added as an attachment, or a combination of the two. When faxes are delivered, the first page(s) will be content from the email body (if there is any) and subsequent pages will be content from attachments
  6. Once all of the appropriate content is in the email, send it.
    • If you want to preview your fax before sending it out, send it to your own fax number.
    • You will automatically receive a fax summary/status page via email
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