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CT Cloud Unite - Overview


CT Cloud Unite is a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) product designed to help you get the most out of your CT Cloud Voice hosted business telephone system.

Some things this powerful tool can add to the experience include: Click to Dial, Screen Popping, Address Book, Call History, Integration to CRM and Skype for business and even external LED products such as Busylight and Embrava Blynclight.   


CT Cloud Unite is a client only desktop integration software that will unite Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google Contacts and numerous CRM applications to your CT Cloud Voice experience and really enhances the overall solution.  It will also provide enhanced contact searching into all applications and CRM's you have setup.  Call history with added CRM one click access from the history window as well as Click to dial enablement for all major web browsers and Skype for Buisness

The CT Cloud Unite Express version is included with Cloud Voice at no extra charge. The CRM version has everything that the express version has but allows for a CRM integration and that is just $5.00 MRC per user. 

The application can be downloaded and installed as a free 30 day trial and after the 30 days if you like the functionality simply contact your Calltower account manager to request an activation key for both the express version or the pay per month CRM version. 

There is one single .exe to download and install that covers both the express and CRM version. The CRM menu is simply unlocked via the activation key, which is provided by CallTower.

When to use

Anytime you want to unite your CT Cloud Voice phone service with your windows desktop. 


This application is only available for Windows; there is currently no Mac version available nor are there any plans to support Mac in the future.


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