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CT Cloud Unite - 3rd Party UCaaS User Guide

User Guide 

System Requirements 

CT Cloud Unite is available for Windows operating systems only.  NOTE:  CT Cloud Unite is a CT Cloud Voice native application.  When used for CRM pop for other platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco Callmanager, functionality is only supported on inbound calls.  As a result, certain configuration tabs, such as Dialing and Availability, and certain functions such as Address Book will not work with non-CT Cloud Voice accounts. 

Desktop requirements 

  • 1.8 GHz Pentium-class processor or better 

  • SVGA display 

  • 2 GB Memory 

  • 1 GB free hard drive space 

  • Virtual environments using Windows Server 2008R2 or Window 2016 are also supported on Hyper-V and VMWare 


  1. Download/install CT Cloud Unite – see AM or IPM for download link 

  1. Run CT Cloud Unite and configure using the settings below:

    1. On the Telephony tab: 

      • Enter CRM Serial # 

      • Username: Your 10-digit telephone number 

      • Password: Provided by CallTower

    2. Integrations:

      • Click Add New

      • Select desired CRM from drop-down 

      • Click “Set” button to enable CRM integration 

      • Configure CRM integration 

        • Configuration instructions for each CRM can be found by selecting the '?' mark button in the upper right-hand corner after enabling an integration and clicking on that integration in the left hand Navigation panel.  In the example below, SalesForce has been enabled and configured.

      • Click “Save” to save all changes

  2. Test integration

    1. The CT Cloud Unite application will be registered and ready for interaction when the system tray icon is green. If it is not green, double-check the username/password configured in step #2

    2. Make test call to your Teams number and ensure CRM integration functions as expected.

  3. Configure screen pop events

    1. Click on the Call Events tab 

    2. Select Show Contact on either the On Ringing or On Answer event, depending on whether you want the lookup to take place before or after the call is answered. 

    3. Click Save to apply changes


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