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1. Establish your URL

So you're ready to launch your site? Before launching, let's make sure we add a domain to your site.


Why should I add a new domain?

When MindTouch first commissioned your site, you were provided with a complimentary domain using the domain—this is intended for temporary use while you set your site up. When launching, you should consider what domain (often referred to as a hostname or URL) you would like to use long term.

Why? Your customers may not understand what MindTouch is. Using a domain which reflects your organization will help drive adoption of your MindTouch site, both internally and externally.


When should I change the domain?

There are two considerations here—are you reusing a domain from a previous website, or choosing a new domain for the first time?

If you have a domain you'd like to reuse for your MindTouch site, you'll want to plan the changeover from your old site to your new MindTouch site to avoid potential downtime. Reach out to MindTouch Support so that they can guide you on next steps.

If you're looking to choose a new domain for the first time, you can configure this whenever you're ready. Once added to your site, you can then choose when to promote the new URL to customers and partners.

  Keep your site private, until you are ready to launch! Do not make your site public until you're ready ! If your site is set to public prior to launch, search engines will start crawling your site, making your content publicly searchable.

Are there restrictions on what domain I can choose?

Your MindTouch site must reside on a subdomain, and cannot live on an apex domain or subdirectory. What is the difference?

Apex domain Subdomain Subdirectory

How do I change my domain?

This should only take about 5–10 minutes, but will require communication with MindTouch Support. Take a look at next steps!

►    Learn how to configure a domain for your MindTouch site


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