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3. Future possibilities with templates

After your site launch, you may want to consider future possibilities to further extend your branding. While CSS can provide overrides for the default MindTouch user interface (UI), you may want to add custom content to specific regions of the site. How? Templates.


Branding templates

​MindTouch provides the following branding templates that allow you to customize specific regions of the site:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Login screen
  • PDF header
  • PDF footer
  • Welcome screen (Community member)
  • Welcome screen (Pro member)
  • Page not found (404) (Community member)
  • Page not found (404) (Pro member)
  • Blank article (Community member)
  • Blank article (Pro member)

When modifying each of these templates, you'll be adding custom content to that specific region of your MindTouch site. For instance, you could use custom HTML to create a menu in your header that mimics the header on your corporate site.

►    Learn how to use branding templates

Do I need specific skills to use these templates?

Previous experience with HTML and CSS are strongly recommended when editing your branding templates.

What can I add to my branding templates?

The question should really be "What can I not add to my branding templates?" This is where your web development team can start to get creative with branding. Keep in mind that anything you can add to a MindTouch page you can also add to a template. Your web development teams should consider adding the following to branding templates as needed:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

When ready to take branding to the next level, your next step will be to schedule time with your web development team and review your organization's branding requirements. From there, review the possibilities of reaching your dreams with the MindTouch branding templates.

I'm stuck. Have any examples of what I should add?

Sure! See table below.

Region Example
Header Consider adding a list of linked menu items to your various web entities, including your corporate site, customer portals, forums and support team assistance.
Footer Consider a list of links to corporate entities such as an "About Us" page, "Careers" page, whitepapers, etc. These can be links to your corporate or marcomm site.
Login screen Add instructions for logging in, or links to help resources.
PDF header Add links to help documentation or company information.
PDF footer Add company information such as a corporate address and email address to support.
Welcome Screen (Community member) Consider adding guided information on navigating the site and how to leave feedback and rate articles.
Welcome Screen (Pro member) Consider adding guided information on navigating the controls and ways to get started with editing documentation.
Blank Article (Community member) Add verbiage explaining to the customer that they have reached an article in progress.
Blank Article (Pro member) Add verbiage explaining that an author should start working on this article.

How should I add CSS to my branding templates?

Since the Header and Footer templates technically load on every page in the site, could you add all of your site's CSS to the Header template? Technically, but don't

When adding CSS to your site, consider what the CSS is used for. If you're looking to add CSS that targets the body of your pages or the default MindTouch UI, then place the corresponding CSS in the control panel. When adding CSS to a branding template, ensure that CSS only applies to the custom content added within that template. 

Doing so will provide a clear delineation to your web developers as they perform additional rebranding in the future. This makes future iterations of web development much more manageable instead of a single source which can quickly become too cumbersome.


Can MindTouch brand my site?

If you do not  have access to an internal resource who can brand your site for you, MindTouch works with various partners who have provided some outstanding custom branding experiences. Feel free to reach out to your account manager for further details on partner options.


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