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2. Modify the look and feel

Now that we've added some basic logos and icons to your site, let's change the look and feel of certain portions of the user interface (UI).


What can I change?

That's a loaded question. But honestly—the sky's the limit here. With that said, do not focus on getting your branding 100% right out of the gate. For your launch, it's important to stay focused on your minimum viable product (MVP) which will include basic branding elements. The quicker you can get your site launched, the quicker you'll be able to analyze your customers' movements and interests in your product documentation.

Thinking of reworking the default MindTouch UI completely? Let's call that revision 2, and that can be done after you launch. For now, keep it simple.


User interface vs. content styling

When considering your basic branding efforts, there are two elements to keep in mind: 

1)  The look and feel of the MindTouch UI that is modifyable via CSS.


2) The body of your content and its modifications as they relate to font style, size, color, and other elements like spacing between paragraphs.


User interface: LESS is more

When applying CSS to your site, traditional efforts include inspecting a website using developer tools in a browser (right-click a page and select Inspect). This allows your web developer to identify and target specific classes and IDs to apply overrides.

MindTouch supports LESS, which is a pre-processing engine for CSS. What does this really mean? By using LESS, your custom styles load even faster over mobile devices, delivering a truly great experience for you customers on any device. As a bonus, LESS often uses only one line of code, as opposed to several different calls for each specific element.


How do I get started with LESS?

Not only do we provide a document on LESS 101, but we also have full documentation with various examples for modifying the look and feel of the UI.

►    View our documentation on basic branding with LESS

Content: How do I modify the styling of my article body?

To modify the styling of the body of your content, you'll need to work directly with a resource familiar with HTML and CSS. Often your marketing and web development teams may have the appropriate resources for you. 

If you're in need of a direct resource to assist you, contact your customer success manager who can point you in the direction of a MindTouch partner.


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