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Work with drafts

MindTouch provides the ability to work on live content or, alternatively, draft content. The banner at the top of a MindTouch page indicates whether a page is live or a draft.



What is a draft?

A draft is similar to a hidden revision of a page, allowing authors to stage content before making it available to end users. The draft can be edited by multiple users at one time and then be published as the "live" version of the page when ready. Pro members see placeholders for drafts until they are published.


Create a draft

If a page is already created and live, click the Create draft link in the live banner to start a draft for the page:


When adding a new page, select the Create draft radio button to author the page in draft mode:


Who can publish drafts?

Any pro member with Author, Editor or Admin roles. Likewise, these users can also perform a live edit of the page.

Can I restrict specific users to only create drafts?

Absolutely. Any pro member with the Draft Contributor role can create and edit drafts of pages but cannot edit live.

How can I review all outstanding drafts?

Navigate to Options > Dashboard and click on Draft Manager.

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Is there more extensive documentation on this feature?

►   Review our extended documentation

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