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To derive the most from your MindTouch instance, make tagging part of your article creation and content management. Here's how to get started with tagging.


Why tag?

Tagging is a pretty rich feature in MindTouch. In fact, it provides three benefits:

Help influence search results

After adding a tag to a page, users will see that page in search results when searching for that specific tag.

Group content in the Tag directory guide tab


Automatically recommend articles

Recommended articles are automatically displayed at the bottom of MindTouch articles to promote additional related content.


Add tags to a page

Expand the Page Settings of an article and type in your tag:

We'll even auto-suggest previously used tags as you type:


To add the tag, hit Enter. From there, you can click the "x" to remove the tag or click the tag name to see search results for other pages with that tag:


So, get adding!

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