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Enhance documentation with videos

You purchased MindTouch to take your product documentation to the next level and analyze your customer engagement. Don't simply add text to a page, make your content rich and engaging by including bulleted lists, images and videos.


Add videos to MindTouch articles

Adding videos is extremely simple in the MindTouch editor. Simply click the Video icon in the editor toolbar . . .


. . . and enter your custom URL or search YouTube right from within the editor:

While this is the quick and dirty way to get videos into MindTouch, this is not the recommended long-term approach. So what is the best approach?


Best practice​: Third-party providers

While the MindTouch native video player is an option, it does require specific browser plugins that can hinder (or even halt) the ability to view your video content on a mobile device. To ensure your video content is browser/plugin agnostic, host your videos with a third-party provider and insert their embed code into the source of your MindTouch article.

►   Learn more about using third-party video providers  

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