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3. Import existing content

How you import your content depends on how much content you have and whether the content currently lives in legacy systems or not. Before you import content, we recommend first reviewing the content to ensure its validity, and possibly to break it up into microcontent to enhance user searchability and mobile readability.


Import less than 300 pages

If you have 300 pages or less from a legacy system, we recommend manually copying this content into MindTouch. The keyword here is legacy. Keep in mind that while MindTouch allows you to copy and paste using standard keyboard shortcuts, we recommend reviewing our best practices when copying content to ensure your content is truly Internet ready!

►   Learn the correct way to copy legacy content

Import more than 300 pages

When looking to import larger amounts of content, there are two options available: the MindTouch API and direct vendor assistance. 

►   Learn how to import large amounts of content

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