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2. Search in MindTouch

We all know that when you search for a keyword or phrase you get results back, but MindTouch does more than just that. Let's see how that works.

What is returned in search results?

When you search for a term in MindTouch, you'll initially see two sections: the faceting row and the search results list. To access the page's third section, the classification filter, click the ellipses underneath the faceting row.


Why facet?

Faceting allows you to drill your search down into specific categories and guides. Keep in mind that if you facet your search, you can always click on All results to go back to a global results display. 


Who sees what?

Pro and community members see the faceting row, the classification filter (expanded ellipses) and search results, but community members cannot see default classifications in the classification filter. Only pro members can see options for both custom classifications and the default classification Article type:

In addition, pro members see page ratings on the right-hand side of the search results. Community members are only able to rate pages on the pages themselves—you don't want community members to blindly rate pages—but pro members have a high familiarity with pages and should be able to rate articles as needed, quickly.


Search results information

Below the faceting row (or the expanded classification filter), you'll see search results that include the following:

  • A hyperlinked page title
  • the URL of the page to orient 
  • Search summary (which you can control via Page settings)

What page elements are actually searched for?

When searching for a term, MindTouch is searching within the following elements on a page:

  • URL
  • Page title
  • Body (or the actual content of the page)
  • File attachments
    • By default, the name of the file is searched
    • MindTouch also searches within the contents of certain file attachments (i.e. PDF, DOC, TXT)
  • Tags

I heard there is machine learning involved . . .

As your users use your MindTouch site, MindTouch analyzes the amount of views per page. While we always return search results that are relevant to your keyword, we will bubble up those pages that have the most views toward the top of the results lists.

Also, those pages with the highest ratings appear higher in the search results over time.

This is another reason why it is imperative that you launch your MindTouch site as quickly as you can with an MVP approach. The quicker you can get your site in front of your customers, the quicker they'll be able to self-serve and your internal teams can start to analyze their behavior.

Do search results respect restrictions?

Absolutely—users will only see search results for content they have access to. In the next section, let's learn how to permission your content.

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