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Start building out your site

Creating your first content can be a bit daunting, but no need to be scared. MindTouch is incredibly flexible and allows you to revert to previous versions, restore files and move pages. Now that you have learned about the basic building blocks of MindTouch, it's time for you to jump in and start building out your structure.


Create a category

The first basic building block is the category. For now, let's focus on creating a live version of a category—we can get into drafts later.

 Learn how to create a category

​Yay, I get it! I want to create my own!

Create your own category here    

That's it—you've created your first category! Right now your category is pretty empty, though, so we need to add a guide.

Create a guide

Creating a guide is pretty similar to creating a category. Check it out.

►  Learn how to create a guide

Ready to add your own? Navigate back to the category you created earlier and add a guide. Once you've created your guide, add at least one tab so that your articles display. Click the plus (+) sign on your newly created guide page to view all the tab options.


We recommend adding the Tag directory tab to any new guide because that tab displays all pages, whether they're classified or not. Later as you become more familiar with MindTouch, we recommend displaying the Topic hierarchy tab to your end users first.


Create articles

In previous sections, we outlined the three types of articles: topics, how-tos and references. Now that you have your guide set up, start adding content by creating a handful of articles:

►  Learn how to create a topic

►  Learn how to create a how-to

►  Learn how to create a reference

Go back to your newly created guide and started adding in a few articles. To watch your Topic hierarchy tab come to life, try adding in a few topics at the first level, and then adding a few sub-articles at the second level.

  REMINDER:  Be sure to add a page summary to your articles.

Advanced reading on content structure

►  Review our extended documentation

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