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2. Page-specific restrictions

Once you understand the top-down approach to site-wide restrictions, let's take a deeper look into how to lock down specific pages.


The Restrict access menu

To review a page's restriction level, navigate to Options > Restrict access.


The Restrict access menu is broken down into two parts:

  • Page Restrictions: the visibility level of the page in general
  • User/Group Permissions: list of specific abilities of users/groups on this page


  NOTE:  The site's overall privacy is authoritative. If your site is private, it doesn't matter what a page is set to—users must always log in. Once a user is logged in, then the page restrictions and permissions kick in.


When do I use which restriction?

Restriction Usage
Public This page is viewable by everyone. Any pro members with the role of Draft Contributor or higher can edit the page or create subpages.
Semi-Public Everyone can see this page, but you want to lock down the page's edit rights to specific users. 
Semi-Private This is a hidden page. If a user or group is not permissioned on the page, they will have no idea this page exists. However, if they have a direct URL, they can load this page.
Private a page that is completely locked down. This content will not be surfaced in search results and won't be present in the user interface to users who do not have specific permissions for this page.


How do I use permissions?

The User/Group Permissions section list the groups of users to whom you give specific permissions. For long-term management ease, it is not recommended to add individual users to the permissions list—add groups instead.

When adding a group to the permissions list, you need to apply a role. This role will only pertain to pro members within that group on that page.

  Remember:  A community member can never be provided with grants to edit content—ever. If you want users to edit content, they have to be made pro members.

Can I apply restrictions to subpages?

Once you've set the appropriate restriction level, and (optionally) added groups to the permission list, you'll need to make a decision. Do you want to apply the restriction for just the single page or the entire section (i.e. that page and its subpages)? If you want to apply restrictions to the entire section, check the Apply restriction settings to all subpages checkbox:


Checking this option, you are presented with two options for applying permissions to subpages:


  • Keep existing permissions . . . : This is a merge. If a group already has Editor access on a subpage, we'll keep that group's Editor access there. The new group permissions are applied to all other pages in the section.
  • Overwrite all existing permissions . . . : This is an overwrite. We will wipe out the existing permission lists on all subpages and replace them with the new permissions.

Is there more to it?

While this is a quick breakdown of our restriction system, we recommend reviewing our extended documentation for further use cases and specifics:

►    Review our extended documentation

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