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Quick Start Guide - VVX 410 Series

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VVX 410

Phone Layout:


  1. Reversible tab - Enables wall-mount installation.
  2. Dial pad - Allows users to enter numbers, letters, and special characters.
  3. Transfer - Press to transfer calls to a number or contact – calls are automatically placed on hold.
  4. Messages button - (For O365 UM enabled E3/E4 Customer only.)
  5. Hold - Press to place call on or off hold.
  6. Message Waiting Indicator - Flashes red to indicate new message. (For O365 UM enabled E3/E4 Customers only.)
  7. Line keys - Dial a Skype for Business contact – contact must be added to your favorites list on the Skype4B Client.
  8. Home key - Enables you to see home view from any screen, or allows you to display other view on home screen.
  9. Soft keys - Soft key menu changes relating to screen.
  10. Navigation keys / Select key - Scrolls through information or options displayed on the phone’s screen.
  11. Headset key - Toggles the microphone on or off. When the microphone is muted, the button is lit.
  12. Speakerphone key - Toggles the headset on/off. When the headset is on, the button is lit.
  13. Mute key - Enables you to scroll through menus and highlight items. When the phone is on hook, displays phone numbers from your Placed Calls log.
  14. Volume keys - Adjust the volume of the handset, headset, speaker, and phone’s ringer.
  15. Microphone - Each button activates a softkey option (displayed on your phone screen).

Quick Start Guide:

1. Answer Calls:

When answering an incoming call, the call becomes active. All incoming calls will display on the phone screen.

To answer the call, lift the handset, press the speaker key, press the headset key press the answer soft key.

If another call comes in during an active call, a beeping tone will indicate that a call is waiting.

To answer an incoming call while on an active call press the appropriate soft key to Answer, Reject, or Ignore the call.

2. Putting a Call on Hold:

To put a call on hold, press the Hold softkey.

To retrieve a call from hold, press the Resume soft key.

Keep in mind:

Pressing the Answer softkey to connect a new call puts an existing connected call on hold automatically.

Before you can Resume, make sure the appropriate call window is active using the navigation key.

3. Divert Call to Voicemail:

To easily send a call to voice mail, just press Reject when you receive an incoming call.

4. Transferring a Call:

The VVX can transfer a call in two ways:

Blind Transfer: Transfers the call without speaking to the receiving party.

Consultative Transfer: Transfers the call after speaking with the receiving party.

The transfer will show on screen as "Blind transfer to" for a Blind Transfer and "Transfer to" for a Consultative Transfer. 

The default transfer type can be selected by going to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Default Transfer Type

To perform a transfer using the default method selected:

  1. Press the Transfer soft key or Transfer key.
  2. Dial the number or choose a contact from the directory. 

To perform a transfer using the non-default method (for example, a Blind Transfer if Consultative Transfer is the current default):

  1. Press and hold the Transfer soft key or Transfer key for a few seconds
  2. Dial the number or choose a contact from the directory. The transfer will be made utilizing the non-default mode.

5. Forward Calls:

You can forward incoming calls to another number or to your voicemail.

To forward a call to another number.

  1. Select Forward
  2. Select Forward to a Contact
  3. Enter the number of your Contact

To forward calls to voicemail:

  1. Select Forward
  2. Select Forward to Voicemail

6. Conference Calls:

To initiate a conference call:

  1. Call a contact.
  2. When the contact answers, select the Conference soft key then select another contact to call.
  3. After the second contact answers the call, press the Conference soft key.

NOTE: If in BToE mode, establishing a conference call on the phone may not be available. Use the Skype for Business client for conferencing in BToE mode.

Split Conference Calls

When splitting an ongoing conference call into separate calls, all participants are placed on hold.

To split a conference call:

  1. Press the Split soft key during an active or held conference call.
  2. Select the line you want using the navigation key, and press the Resume soft key.

7. Call Park:

From the call, select "More".

Call Park.jpg

Select "Park".

Select Park.jpg

You can then send the number to the user or group. You can also Retrieve the call. If the call is not picked up within 90 seconds, it will bounce back to you.

Retrieve Call.jpg

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