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Troubleshooting: VVX Phones Losing Exchange Integration When Using 2FA - Polycom

S4B/Polycom VVX Phones: Losing Exchange Integration When Using MS(Microsoft) 2FA(Two Factor Authentication)

NOTE: We found this is a known issue on Polycom phone side, as MS 2FA isn't officially supported by Polycom at this time. 

Follow these steps to get Polycom Phones to fully Integrate & work with MS 2FA, Including Full Exchange Integration functionality. 
Work Around Fix: 

Setting Up VVXPhone Exchange Integration To Work When Using MS 2FA. 

  1. Login to the VVX phone web interface. 
  2. Click "Settings", "Applications"

  3. Expand "Exchange Applications" 
  4. Disable "Auto discover"
  5. In the "Exchange Server URL" field enter 

  6. Click Save 
  7. Re-enable the Auto discover in the Exchange Applications section.  
  8. Click "Settings", "Skype for Business Sign" 

  9. Login with an account that is NOT 2FA Enabled 
  10. Logout 
  11. Login with the 2FA account you want to use. 
  12. Test to see if it works, if not reboot. 
  13. After power cycling, it should be fixed. 
  14. Test by checking your calendar application to verify exchange integration is working properly, 
  15. there should also be no error message displayed on the phones screen. 

*Work around steps are now complete and you can use the phone normally.