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Unable to schedule meeting for delegate

Turn off shared folders

  1. In Outlook, Select File

  1. Select Account Settings then Account Settings. 

  1. Make certain the correct email account is selecting and chose Change

  1. Select More Settings

  1. Select Advanced tab

  1. Remove the check mark from the "Download shared folders" field

  1. Select Apply, a warning will appear prompting you to restart Outlook

  1. Close Outlook

Rebuild Outlook Profile

  1. Close Outlook by clicking the X in the upper right corner, or selecting File > Exit
  2. Close Skype for Business by changing the Presence to Exit
  3. Open the Control Panel. Note: This will vary depending on your operating system
  4. In the Search Control Panel type "Mail"
  5. Select the option Mail (Microsoft Outlook 20XX) (XX-bit) A new window titled Mail Setup - Outlook should open
  6. Select Show Profiles.A new window titled Mail should open
  7. Click the Add... button
  8. Choose a name for the new profile and select OK. A New windows should open. Note: Depending on version of Office, the experience will vary. 
  9. Enter the email address and Password. When complete, select Next
  10. Once the account has completed successfully, select Finish. This window should close returning you to Mail
  11. Select the option Always use this profile. In the drop down menu, select the newly created profile and click Apply.
  12. Select OK and this window will close. 
  13. Open Outlook, A message should appear Configuring Outlook for first time use.