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CallTower Teams Implementation

Getting Started:

WELCOME TO THE CALLTOWER FAMILY! To get started with your Implementation, you will want to prepare your network and users for a successful Microsoft Teams implementation. We rely on the CallTower Connect platform to both automate the roll out of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and assign[AR1]  phone numbers to your users. Connect utilizes a service account with the Teams Service and Skype for Business Admin Roles to build the Direct Routing Link to CallTower as well as manage user accounts and resource accounts. This is automatically included for our CSP Microsoft licensing customers.

There are a few required steps you will need to take to prepare your network for Microsoft Teams. The following guide will help you determine which changes may be needed on your firewall and network configuration for the best possible experience when using Teams for voice. It will also provide an overview of troubleshooting tools in the Teams Admin Portal. Consider providing your Networking and Administration teams with access as well.  

Please pay close attention to the network requirements sections and corresponding links: 

Training & Setup Resources:

Customers are required to train their users and admins for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft provides some free online training which should be utilized by all your IT team members. CallTower also provides training options for end users under some conditions (user minimums are required, please ask your project manager for more information)

Microsoft Admin Training Resources:

CallTower Training Resources:  

IMPORTANT: Microsoft Teams utilizes Skype for Business Online features from Office 365 to enable all enterprise voice features in Teams, including Inbound and Outbound PSTN Calling via Direct Routing from CallTower. Customers must complete any on-premises hybrid configurations and move their users to “Teams Only” mode prior to configuring Direct Routing. This includes using Audio Conferencing for GCC High customers. Professional Services are available to give guidance on your Skype for Business on-premises migration (this is billed per hour after a signed Statement of Work).

Migrating Users from On-Premise to Teams Links:

Tenant Configuration:

CallTower will provide setup of Direct Routing: porting numbers to Microsoft Teams, configuring our Session Border Controllers (SBC), and configuring your tenant for Direct Routing using the provided Admin Service Account (which includes both configuring the trunk and provisioning of numbers in CallTower’s systems). If no service account is provided, the customer is responsible for assigning numbers and configuring all settings within their tenant and some PowerShell experience will be needed.

DNS and domain changes may be required. While CallTower will provide guidance for applying these changes, customers may need to make those required changes on their DNS infrastructure.

Teams Auto Attendant and Call Queue setup is available for all our Direct Routing customers. Our Microsoft licensing customers will enjoy ongoing support of those configurations including moves, adds, changes, etc. There will be an additional service fee for these changes. For customers who do not get licensing through our CSP, additional professional services can be acquired for any required changes in the future.

Non-Standard configurations options that may incur additional professional service fees include peer to peer extension dialing, Device Configuration Profiles, advanced network consulting, Office 365 / Email migration, consolidation of multiple domains, splitting a single domain, and migrations from on-premises Skype for Business servers.


Direct Routing support is available for PSTN related issues, resource accounts and inbound/outbound calling for all numbers associated with users. CallTower will support issues with voice quality or call completion caused by the PSTN or by CallTower’s infrastructure.

Additionally, if you are one of our Microsoft Licensing customers, we will provide support for all Microsoft services which are licensed through CallTower, including Teams client, Teams Admin Center and other Office 365 and Microsoft 365 services. We also provide support for engaging with Microsoft or with hardware vendors for devices purchased through CallTower.

For customers who have opted out of Microsoft Licensing through CallTower, we do not provide support for the Teams application, phone issues (other than hardware under warranty), Office 365, Teams Phone System Features, Call Queues, Auto Attendants, and voice quality issues related to Microsoft or the customers' network.

CallTower Client Support Plan