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How to: Modify a Conference Line - SoundConnect

Login to the Conferencing Hub

Using your Client ID or Email, Sign in to the SoundConnect Conferencing Hub.

Select Search For a Client 

1. Go to the Administration drop down and hover on Client Management, then select Search For A Client.SoundConnect_DeleteUser.png

2. Select method of search using the radial selection and input your search terms into the field, then click Search Clients.
3. Click the paper and pencil icon to edit the user.


4. Expand the Audio Accounts using the plus icon.
5. Select to edit the line by click the paper and pencil icon.


6. Select which properties you would like to modify.

  • Input new Conference title or Client Name.
  • Check Enhanced Authentication to enable an additional level of security for to enable conferencing for at risk International countries - Brazil, India, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.


  • Expand Advanced Options using the plus icon.
  • Select from a host of advanced options.
  • Change the email address associated with the line.


7. Click Save.

*Note* If updating the Email Address or Client Name, confirm the user's properties.