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Sprint Mobile Integration (SMI)

If Sprint Mobile Integration (SMI) is enabled it allows you to extend the features and functionality of your CallTower:Connect User Portal phone service to a Sprint wireless phone.

SMI Feature Include:

Extension dialing: Make internal calls from your wireless phone by dialing a 4-digit extension. You will also be able to reach SMI users on their Sprint mobile phones by dialing the 4-digit extension.

One phone number: A single phone number rings to both the desk phone and the wireless phone simultaneously. 

One voicemail: Voicemails are delivered to a single voicemail box for wireless and desk phone calls.

The SMI card allows users to select the phone number (either your CT provided DID or your cell phone number) that will be used for the Caller ID and schedule which days and times SMI will be active, with an option to have it active around the clock.

Manage SMI Steps:

1. Select the appropriate Caller ID from the drop-down list.

2. Select All the Time or enter in the time on each day of the week.

3. Once the entry is complete click the Save button on the bottom of the card.

4. To remove the entries click on the Clear button at the bottom of the card.

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