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Cisco - Connect: What is an Auto Attendant?

Our automated attendant (AA) is a telephony feature within Cisco Cloud offering.


Our automated attendant (AA) is a telephony feature within the Cisco Cloud offering. This application/feature transfers incoming calls to various extensions as specified by callers, without the intervention of a human operator. An AA may also be called a virtual receptionist. Most AAs can route calls to landline phones, mobile phones, VoIP devices, extensions, recordings, or other AAs. The Auto Attendant is accessible through the Connect Administration portal that now customers can manage on their own.

User Experience:

Our Auto Attendant offers incoming callers a menu to which they respond by pressing various keys on their telephones' DTMF ("touch-tone") keypads. For example, the machine might greet callers with "Welcome to XYZ Enterprises. For sales, press 1. For service, press 2. For hours of operation, press 3. For other questions and concerns, press 4. To repeat this menu, press 5. To speak with a customer service representative, press 0."

Typical AA routing steps include transfers of calls to specific extensions, transfer of calls to voicemail boxes, transfers of calls to submenus, presentation of standard recorded messages, transfer to a human operator or customer service representative, option to repeat the choices in a specific menu, and option to terminate the call ("hang up"). Our AA systems use different menus and scripts at various times of day (for example, business and nonbusiness hours).


  • Hosted Cisco


  • 5-10,000 users


  • All Industries
  • Customers that need automatic call routing
  • Multiple Locations
  • Small Business to Enterprise


  • Domestic and International


  • Automatic Call Routing
  • Dial by Name Corporate Directory
  • Holiday, Business & After Business Hours Greetings and Schedules
  • Access to Corp. Voicemail
  • Offer pre-recorded messages (directions, instructions)
  • Secret Menus
  • 24x7x365 Cloud Access
  • Voice Recognition


  • Renamed from Additional Auto Attendant to Cisco Auto Attendant(s) in Catalog, updated description to include some basic features
  • System prompts are English only (Directory Listing, Dial by Name)
  • Voice Recognition English only


  • All Cisco Phones
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