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Call Pick-up

This feature comes in really handy if there are users who can hear other people's lines ringing and want the ability to answer those lines without having to add those extensions to their own phones.

For example:

  1. A call comes into a user's extension, and another user hears the line ringing.
  2. That user can lift their handset.
  3. They can then press the More soft key.
  4. Then they can press the Pickup soft key.
  5. The oldest call ringing in on any of the lines that share the Pickup feature will be connected.


Things to remember about Call Pick-up:

  • There is only one group of users tied to a Call Pickup.
  • You will need to assign the users who need to be part of this group.
  • Anytime a member of the group is receiving a phone call, another member of the group can select the soft key Call Pickup to receive the incoming call.

How to submit a ticket with Tech Support for Call Pickup:

1. Send an email to with the following information:

a. Request for a Call Pickup.

b. DN (extension number) that will be part of the group.

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