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Connect - SfB: Forward LY/LV DID's

How to forward a Skype for business number using the admin portal.

Prerequisite: DID must be available. Unavailable DIDs cannot be forwarded in the steps below.

1. Open the locations section
2. Highlight the location the DID is located in
3. Select DIDs > DIDs
4. Highlight the DID
5. Select 2018-05-17_16-14-47.jpg
6. Change the Forward DID Tupe: to Offnet DID*
7. Enter the full forwarding number including the 1
8. 2018-05-17_17-27-39.jpgand select Save


*If the number is already forwarded to another number and you need to change that. You must first change the Lync Forwarding to "None" and then select "Offnet DID" and it will allow you to change the forwarded number.

It can take several minutes for the number to complete the update. During this time no changes should be made to the number, and Connect will temporarily hide the number from view. 


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Example Video:

Skype4B Forwarding DID in Connect
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