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Skype - Connect: Forward DID in Connect

How to forward a Skype for business number using the admin portal.


This document will walk you through the process of forwarding a Skype for Business DID in the Connect admin portal


Prerequisite: DID must be in an Available status. If a DID is already assigned to a user, all call handling settings will need to be set in the user's Skype for Business client using the steps here:

1. In the Connect admin portal, open the Locations section
2. Select the location that the DID is located in
3. In the dropdown menu, click on the three horizontal lines and select DIDs > DIDs
4. Click on the DID you'd like to change, which will cause another drop down menu
5. In the bottom right corner, change "Forwarded DID Type" to either User, DID, or Offnet DID

  • "User" will produce a dropdown list with all of the users in the OU to choose from
  • "DID" will produce a dropdown list with all of the DIDs in the OU to choose from
  • "Offnet DID" will allow you to type in whatever phone number you would like to forward to. Remember to add a 1 before typing in just the phone number

6. Hover your mouse over the2018-05-17_17-27-39.jpgbutton and select Save


Note: If the number is already forwarded to another number and you need to change that. You must first change the Lync Forwarding to "None" and then select "Offnet DID" and it will allow you to change the forwarded number.

It can take several minutes for the DID to complete the update. During this time, no changes should be made to the DID, and Connect will temporarily hide the DID from view. 




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Example Video:

Skype4B Forwarding DID in Connect