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Adding Rollover Lines

Building Rollover Lines

Step 1:  Set up the lines as the customer would like; usually starting with the Main number, which we will use as an example.  First set up the Lines in “Line Properties” within the Phones tab.  See screenshot:


As you can see it starts with 1000 and then goes on from there.

Step 2:  Set up the Lines to roll over properly.  For each line it will roll over to the next line, for example, Line 2 – 1000 will roll over to Line 3 – 1001 if not answered or it is busy, and so on with the other lines.  See screenshot:

Step 3:  Make sure the last rollover line has some place to go.  It is a good idea to have it go to an Auto Attendant or Voicemail.  See Screenshot:



As you can see in this screen shot above the “Call Forward Busy”, “Call Forward No Answer”, and “Call Delivery +” forwards to another number, so an Auto Attendant is usually the normal for this, or a Voicemail.

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