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Connect: Teams - Add User


This article will show you step by step instructions on how to add a Teams User in CallTower Connect.


1.  Make sure to be on the User Menu.

User Menu.PNG

2.  Click the "Add" icon to start adding your new User.

Add User.PNG

3.  Fill out the User Info.

User Info.PNG

  • Domain
  • Location - Whatever Location the new user will be located.
    • Note: if the location is not there you may need to get a new location created for 911 purposes.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • User Name - You can edit the username to be in a specific format.  It defaults first initial last name.
  • User Type - CallTower User
  • User Role - User
  • Cell Phone

4.  Set the User Password.  Password Guidelines are below.


  • Password can not contain selected user first name or last name
  • Password can not contain three sequential characters
  • Password can not contain three identical characters
  • Must contain at least one special character
  • Must Be no less than 8 and no more than 16 characters
  • Must include at least one upper case letter
  • Must include at least one lower case letter
  • Must include at least one numeric digit

5.  Select the User Services.

User Services.PNG

  • Once you Select, "MS Teams Unlimited Only Voice" you will then get to select the DID you wish to add to the new user.

Select DID.PNG

6.  Save the user.


  • You can also check the "Create another user" switch if you need to add more than 1 user.

7.  Once the Event at the bottom shows completed your user is done.



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