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Voicemail Profiles – Voicemail Services

Profiles allow the user to have multiple voicemail greeting and settings for Find Me Follow Me and Remote Notification, allowing the user different call treatments when callers reach their voicemail.  The Default profile is initially available for all users.  The default profile contains a generic electronic system greeting.

Administrator Voicemail Profiles Steps:



1. Highlight the user to manage their Voicemail Properties

2. Click on the down arrow on Voicemail Services and select Voicemail Profiles.

3. The Voicemail Profile list screen will be presented on the right side of the screen. 

4. Click the Add button

5. Type in the name of the new profile

6. Click the Save button

7. Click the Cancel button if you want abandon the entry.


Update the Voicemail Profile:

1. Highlight the Profile to change in the Voicemail Profiles screen.

2. Click on the Update Button to show the detail profile information in the bottom section of the Voicemail Profiles screen

3. Update the information by clicking in the text box or picking an item in the drop down box.

a. Enable/Disable Play Standard Prompts

b. Operation DID - When a caller reaches the users voicemail they have the option to press 0 to be transferred to an operator.

c. Voicemail Profile Follow-me Location(s). This gives a caller the option of pressing 1 when reaching the users voicemail at which time the CallTower system will attempt to locate the user at an alternate location. Users can specify what locations the system should attempt to forward the call to and in what order (i.e., first call the users Cell, and then call the users Home locations.) 

d. Voicemail Profile Remote Notification options, Select the type of notifications the user would like to receive:







5. Click the Save button to keep the changes

6. Click the Clear button to abandon the changes and clear the screen if needed.


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