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Voicemail Locations – Voicemail Services

To manage the users Voicemail Locations click the option under the Voicemail Services menu.


  1. Select your user.
  2. Click on the down arrow on Voicemail Services and select Voicemail Locations

  3. The Voicemail Locations screen will be presented on the right side of the screen. 

    voicemail 2.png
  4. To create a new location click the Add button. 

  5.  A new row is generated at the top of the list with text and drop down boxes to enter the information.

  6.  After the information is entered click Save to keep the new location or Cancel to lose the information.
  7. To delete a location highlight the row to be deleted and click the Delete button.

  8. Confirm the delete in the popup screen.
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