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Connect - Admin: How to address a JIRA error

1. While making changes in the Admin Portal, a JIRA error appears.
2. Stop making any changes to the user, phone, location, etc on which you were working.
3. Fill out the escalation template at the bottom of this resolution section and provide this information to the support team for resolution. 
4. Once DEV has completed their investigation, they will send the case back to you with details of the problem and fix.

Escalation Template:

Company Name in connect: 
Call Manager Cluster: (A support technician will fill this out for you)
Client Type: (A support technician will fill this out for you)
Your Name: 
Jira Error Summary:
Jira Error Description: 
Jira Error Link: 
List what you want changed: 
Did anything change when the error occurred:
What were you doing that caused the Jira Error: 
User/Phone information (If this is not related to a user or phone, then just leave this blank)
Lync DID: 
Phone Model: 
Voicemail Pin:


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