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How to: Add a Conference Line - SoundConnect

Login to the Conferencing Hub

Using your Client ID or Email, Sign in to the SoundConnect Conferencing Hub.

Select Add a Client

Go to the Administration drop down and hover on Client Management, then select Add A Client


Input User Information

  1. Find the Company using the Search field. When the company is selected, this will automatically fill the Site (hub) field.
  2. Input the User's name into the First and Last Name fields.
  3. Input the User's email address into the Email field.
  4. Input the User's phone number into the Phone Number field using the following format: NPA/NXX-XXXX
  5. Under the Product Information Pane select the products you would like to provision using the radial selection
  6. Click Save


Send the Welcome Email

1. You will be redirected to a screen titled Client Added/Edited Successfully. Click Send Confirmation Email for All Conferences.


2. Check the box to send the email to the client or input addresses into the CC: or BCC: fields separated by a comma or semicolon and click Send.



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