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Voicemail Quick Reference Guide


The following is a quick reference guide to your voicemail on the Cisco phone.

Main Menu
Function Voice Command Key Pad
New Messages New 10
Old Messages Old 20
New Voicemail Messages New Voicemail 11
Old Voicemail Messages Old Voicemail 21
New Email Messages New Email 12
Old Email Messages Old Email 22
New Fax Messages New Fax 13
Old Fax Messages Old Fax 23
Compose Messages Compose 40
Change My Settings Change Settings 30
Change Password Change Password 31
Change Greeting Change Greeting 32
Change Name Tag Change Name Tag 33


Compose or Forward Email Messages

Function Voice Command Key Pad
Recipient List List 2
Done Done 3
Send  Send  8
Send Urgent  Urgent  9


Message Navigation

Function Voice Command  Key Pad
Repeat or Play Message Repeat 1
Reply to Message Reply  4
Delete this Message Delete 3
Next Message Next 7
Previous Message  Previous 8
Play Message Details  Details  2
Forward this Message Forward 5
Return Call Return Call 6
Restore Message  Restore 3


Global Options

Function Voice Command Key Pad
Yes Yes 1
No  No  2
Goodbye Goodbye 99
Help Option Help  
Cancel Voice Command   **
Re-activate Voice Command   **
Cancel Return Call   *#
Cancel Find Me Follow Me   *


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