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Cisco Jabber SRV guide for registration over the cloud

For customers who wish to enable Cisco Jabber registration over the cloud, or who wish to use the internet calling (B2B) capabiliities of Cisco Telepresence. This guide documents the SRV record required for Cisco collaboration over the cloud. These SRV records will need to be added using the admin site with your domain hoster, or Public DNS provider.


The following DNS records need to be added to your  external domain for Jabber registration.  Replace with your domain.  

priority       = 3 weight         = 7

port           = 8443

svr hostname   =

If you want to use the internet calling features (B2B) of cisco telepresence units you also need to add the following SRV record to your Public DNS. Replace with your domain. This record is not required for Jabber.

service: SIP 

Protocol: UDP 

priority: 10 


port 5060 

target host:​

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