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Clear One phone set up

How to set up a Clear One Phone as a third Party Sip Device

Clear One 3rd Party Sip Device

This document contains the details to configure a clear one phone so that it registers to the phone tftp server. The phone will need to be added as a 3rd party sip device in connect. That will need to be done before the configuration is applied on the phone.
To enable java to browse to the phone:
Open control panel
Click on the java application
Click on the security tab
Click on edit site list.
Add the ip address
Press OK.
Press Apply

Once The site has been added you should be able to browse to the phone to edit the settings. You won’t get a Java error in the Browser. If your browser is already open before you make the change, Restart the browser so the settings take effect
To configure the phone. Open up internet explorer put in the IP address of the phone.
Username: admin
Password: clearone
Click on configuration. A left side menu comes up. Here are the settings to reference. If any popups display asking to reboot press cancel. We will reboot the phone once all the settings are in place.

Click on General Settings:

Press Apply. Click on User Preferences


Press Apply. Click on Dial Plan

Press Apply, Click on Network Settings:

Press Apply. 

Click on Sip settings. (There are two screenshots)
Phone name is the description. Authorization user is the digest user.


Click on Audio Settings. I didn’t need to change anything here, but am putting it up as a reference.

Click on Trace/Logging Settings. I didn’t need to edit any settings here.

Once the settings are taken place we need to reboot the phone.
Click on Tools
Click on reboot device
Once the phone comes back up, it should show a register status on the tftp server.

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