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Speed Dials - 79XX Series

Speed Dial Steps:

The feature in the Services menu that each user should have is Speed Dial List, which will provide you with a list of all speed dials you have configured on your phone. If you have not configured any, this list will be blank.

Each IP phone allows you to configure up to 99 speed dials. If there are available lines on your phone that have not been configured with an extension, those lines can be utilized by speed dials and will be indicated by a key pad icon. Because you can have up to 99 speed dials, most of these speed dials will not show up on your screen next to available lines. Therefore, if you need to reference the speed dial number, it can be found in the Speed Dial list within the Services menu.

To dial the speed dial number from this list you must select the Dial soft key (you’re unable to just hit the number next to the phone number).

Abbreviated Dial:

Depending on how your speed dials are configured they may display on your screen and will be indicated by a keypad icon. If you’d like to dial one of these speed dials select the button next to that line; however, some may not be displayed on your screen. You will need to know the associated speed dial number, between 1 and 99. Dial that number on your keypad and then select the AbbrDial soft key.

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