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78XX-How to Place a Call

Make Calls

Your Cisco IP Phone works just like a regular phone. But we make it easier for you to make calls.

Make a Call with the Speakerphone

Use your speakerphone for hands-free calling. Keep in mind that your coworkers might be able to hear your call too.

Step 1   Enter a number using the keypad.
Step 2   Press Speakerphone .

Make a Call with a Headset

Use your headset for hands-free calling that won't disturb your coworker and gives you some privacy.

Step 1   Plug in a headset.
Step 2   Enter a number using the keypad.
Step 3   Press Headset .

Redial a Number

You can call the most recently dialed phone number.

Step 1   (Optional)Select a line.
Step 2   Press Redial.


Make a Call with a Speed-Dial Button

You can see all the speed-dial numbers that you add in the Self Care portal. Use the up and down buttons in the navigation cluster to scroll through your speed-dial numbers, then select a speed-dial number.

Before You Begin

Set up speed-dial codes in CallTower Connect.

Step 1: Press a speed-dial button .
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