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Cisco: Phone - Troubleshoot Third-Party SIP Devices


This guide provides a guide to troubleshoot a 3rd Party SIP Device built in Connect

Note: Many third party devices are not supported by Calltower. Most troubleshooting for these devices boils down to: verify it is configured correctly on our end; send correct server info to customer; and basic verification of physical layer issues (power, connected to working port, etc).


  1. Navigate to the Phones menu and confirm the MAC built in Connect is set to a 3rd Party SIP Device.
    MAC.JPG Description.JPG
  2. Open the Cluster associated with the account you are working with. 
    Cluster.JPG Cluster Address.JPG
  3. Navigate to Device >> Phone, next search & select the MAC associated with the 3rd Party SIP Device 
    Navigate to Phone.JPG Select Phone.JPG
  4. Record the information for the Digest User
    Digest User.JPG
  5. Provide the Cluster IP, the Digest User & PW (PW: 12345 by default) to the customer & confirm that this is also entered within the device settings. 

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