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Loaning Equipment to TSE for Configuration


1. Select the “Loan” Tab is highlighted Note: this is different than the “Assign” Tab.

2. The case number NEEDS to go in as the “Tracking Number”.

3. Assign the item to a SPECIFIC Department and not a person.   The only exception is if the equipment needs to go to a PM for configuration.  Tap “Select Loanee”.

4. Please Select the Appropriate tab (User, Contact, Account, Opportunity, ETC.)  and select the USER or ACCOUNT (TSE, NET, ETC.)

5. Selecting the User or Account will take you back to the main page of the app with the “Assign to” Area populated.  Like the picture below. 

6. Tap “Add Asset” to scan QR Codes.

7. Scan the QR label located on the side of the box with the MAC/SN on it.

8. If scanned correctly the “Assets” Section should look as follows. 

9. Review the page for accuracy of items scanned. In the top right corner is the “loan” Button.  Hit this button and take the equipment to the desired area.

10.  Verify the count of items by reviewing the loan report. 

11. The equipment needs to be “returned” in salesforce as soon as it is back with Logistics.  Select the “Return” Tab is highlighted at the bottom of the app.  As the picture below. 

12.   Add the Tracking Number (Case Number) and add assets.  When completed tap “Return” in the top right corner of the app. Verify the count of items by viewing the return report.

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