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Audio Conferencing Users Guide




 Audio conferencing service is available in two versions.

  • The Standard version includes free local number (toll) dial-in. 
    • Toll-free dial-in is charged at 2.5 cents per minute o Dial-out is charged at 1.5 cents per minute. 
    • HD audio o There is a limit of 6 participants (including the moderator) per conference.
  • The Premium version adds the following to the Standard version:
    • Unlimited participants o Recording

                                              Up to 10 recordings at a maximum of 120 minutes each.

Custom Services

There is also an option to customize your audio bridge. This service includes a dial-in number and a custom greeting (see below for Secondary Greeting.)

Quick Start

In this User Guide, users who can start and manage audio conferences are known as moderators. Users who join a conference are called participants.

As a moderator, you will have been provided:

  • Dial-in telephone number (404-961-2600)
    • Alternatively, you can use the dial-in number for your company, as provided by CallTower personnel. If you need this info, please engage our Support team or your Account Manager.
  • The moderator code (unique)
  • The participant code (unique).

Please note that all users must have telephones with both star (*) and pound/hash (#) keys.

To start a conference as a moderator:

1. Dial the access number 2. Enter the moderator code plus #

3. Record your name plus #. 

If you enter the participant code as a moderator, it won’t work and you’ll have to dial in again.

To enter as a participant:

  1. Dial an access number
  2. Enter the participant code plus #
  3. Record your name plus #.


Managing Conferences

The following tools are available to moderators to manage conferences.

      Telephone Admin Interface

           Web Moderator Interface.

Telephone Admin Interface



Dial out (use * to abandon dial-out)


Mute/unmute moderator


Lock/unlock conference


Participant roll-call


Participant count


Turn joining announcements on/off


Hear the name of the last person to join


Recording on/off (Premium only)


Mute/unmute all participants


Record secondary greeting (Custom service only)


Soft exit to dial in again


Moderator Web Interface

To access the web interface, open a browser and navigate to Then enter the moderator and participant codes.

Once logged in, you will see the following:


Current Call

The Current Call window enables you to manage a conference.

As shown below, there are two controls that affect the conference as a whole: Record (available with the Premium version) and Lock. As people enter your conference, they are represented in panels; use the Mute and Drop options as appropriate. Also, on the left of the panel is an icon representing a person. 

  • Gray: the person is on the call but not speaking
  • Green: the person is speaking (or there are other sounds in the background that are being picked up)
  • Yellow: the moderator has muted this person’s phone.

Finally, there is a gain control that enables you to increase or reduce the person’s volume.


You will also note that the panel shows the person’s name. Names are taken either from the caller name the server received or from the Directory. 

When you open the directory you will see the following:

To add a new directory entry, enter the phone number and name in the spaces provided and click ‘Save Entry’. The name and phone number will appear in the ‘Conference Directory’. There is a ‘Del’ or delete option.


When you open the history window, you will see the following:


As the interface shows, conferences may have names. Conferences appear on this list as soon as they start so you can provide a name for the conference if you wish or return to this window to provide a name later when the conference has been completed.

Recordings (Premium Only)

If you have the Premium version of the conferencing service, you may use the recordings interface to view and manage conference recordings.  Recordings are located at: 



The interface above shows that no conferences have been recorded. Had there been, two options would have been shown: to ‘Download’ or ‘Delete’ the recording. 

Note that conferences are automatically deleted after 60 days, so please be sure to download recordings you wish to have available as soon as possible after the conference ends.


‘Options’ provide a number of ways for you to tailor how conferencing works for you. Please note that these are universal settings so they apply to all of the conferences you hold.


  • Joining Announcements are also known as ‘name announce’. Note that Joining Tones must be enabled to enable joining announcements.
  • Joining Tones are beeps that play when someone joins or leaves a conference. As noted, they are required for joining announcements, but may be selected even if joining announcements are not selected.
  • Recording Announcements notifies participants when recording starts or stops. 
  • End Conference Immediately when Moderator Leaves ends the conference as soon as you hang up. If you choose ‘No’, the conference continues for 15 minutes. This is a useful option if you, as the moderator, need to leave the conference for a moment but want to let the conference continue. However, you need to dial back in. If you don’t, the conference ends automatically after 15 minutes.
  • Use On-Hold Music (MoH) plays music while participants wait to join a conference. Otherwise, they hear silence.    

    o Custom MoH files can be uploaded if you have subscribed to this option.  Please note that the music must be in .wav or .mp3 format and the recording may not exceed five minutes.

  • Secondary Greeting is available with our custom audio conferencing service. It enables you to play a greeting that makes it sound to callers as if this is a private conferencing service. Callers first hear a message to enter their moderator or participant codes, and then the custom secondary greeting is played. 

The Conference Access Details section displays dial-in numbers and enables you to generate a new moderator code. You may wish to choose the latter if you believe that unauthorized people have access to your moderator code.

Log Off

The Log Off button ends your use of the web interface. Ending your use of the interface does not end a conference in progress.



Playing music to callers on hold constitutes "public performance" of the music and therefore risks infringing the copyrights of composers or artists. You must obtain appropriate licenses to play the material that you plan to use as MoH. In North America, you can obtain these licenses from licensors such as Broadcast Music Inc. ( or the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers ( Please note that CallTower does not accept any legal liability arising from copyright infringements.

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