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CT Cloud Voice - Poly VVX 311 Contact Directory


This article will show you how to add contacts to your phone directory and also how to call from your directory. 

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Your phone features a local directory that allows you to save phone numbers to your device. 

To access those numbers, press the "Home" key. This will display the menu page.


Use the navigation key to select "Directories"

Select option "1" to view your contact directory 

A list of saved contacts will appear. Select the one you want to call and select the "Dial" button


If you want to add a contact, select the "Add" button and enter the contact's information. 

Press "Save"

The new contact will display in the contact directory. 



  • Contact Directory: Contacts added to the device
  • Corporate Directory: Contacts within your organization 
  • Recent Call..: This lists all of your most recent calls
  • Favorites...: This lists any contacts that you have listed as a favorite. 

You are able to call from any of these areas by selecting the number, scrolling through the list of contact, and press "Dial








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